Dear Friends,


The Bikur Cholim Of Palm Springs is a non-sectarian benevolent society aiding the sick, home bound and the general population.  This service is designed to accommodate all residents of the Coachella Valley as well as anyone who visits our Valley from all corners of the world.  


This organization  reaches out to the young, middle aged and seniors alike.  Bedside assistance in hospitals and emergency rooms is provided as well as visitation for the home bound.  Good cheer and a listening ear is always available.  Traditions are brought up to date for those who remember it and introduced for those who are unaware of their traditional  roots or heritage.


We welcome your participation.  We would like you to become a partner in our organization.  By becoming a partner you buy stock and share the wonderful feeling of bringing happiness to someone's life.  The profit is tremendously rewarding.




Rabbi Yankel Kreiman